About The Owner

Rob O'Meara, a master carpenter and general contractor, has continuously worked in the industry in the State of New Jersey for over forty years.

As a journeyman carpenter, Rob entered the business of home renovations and restoration in 1976 after a four-year apprenticeship with DiMasi Home Builders on Long Beach Island.

Rob is the owner and operator of O'Meara Construction Services LLC in Montclair, NJ, a general contracting firm in the business of residential home remodeling, specializing in major and minor additions to homes, kitchen and bathroom renovations, as well as the general repair and maintenance of residential properties.

Experienced in calculating bids for time, costs and materials, employment of subcontractors and management of the work performed to completion, Rob has been consistently employed to contract, schedule and finalize home renovations at all stages. He is licensed by the State of New Jersey as a home improvement contractor and is listed with the Department of Environmental Affairs as a licensed lead based paint renovator. Rob also enjoys a quality relationship with building departments throughout New Jersey.

Rob's professional philosophy is transparency and accountability, from concept to completion. His estimates are the product of rigorous planning and creativity, reinforced by four decades of hard-won wisdom on the job.

Rob's business is not about volume; it's about quality relationships and longevity. Over time Rob has developed a set of professional habits and ethics that have become the standard for all his subcontractors: punctuality, reliability, and trust.

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